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Nuspan Flooring Installs at Energy House 2.0

13 Jan 2023.

Nuspan Flooring has been specified in a major research project to test the energy and thermal...

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Nuspan Flooring Installs at Energy House 2.0

13 Jan 2023.

Nuspan Flooring has been specified in a major research project to test the energy and thermal...

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Updated Robust Details now available

24 Feb 2023.

A newly extended list of robustdetails® separating walls which can be used with Nuspan Flooring’s primary...

Nuspan is a high performance, precast, insulated flooring system for application in the construction of suspended ground floors in new build housing and small scale commercial buildings. With a saving of up to five times the amount of onsite labour, it’s no wonder Nuspan's primary structural insulated closed floor panels have become a nationwide leading Modern Method of Construction.

It is manufactured in precision made steel moulds to stringent quality standards. The insulated precast concrete unit (IPCU) comprises structural grade reinforced concrete bonded to high performance expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Nuspan was developed to meet the next generation of building regulations and can achieve U-Values as low as 0.10 W/m2K depending on the perimeter/area ratio and insulating material chosen. This allows the building designer greater flexibility when specifying other elements of the building in order to achieve the required Target Emissions Rating (TER) or to achieve highly energy efficient buildings.

Nuspan is the ideal solution for suspended ground floors in house building, particularly where customers are seeking a thermally efficient method of construction. At the same time, due to the offsite manufacturing process, Nuspan provides fast onsite construction, usually completing a standard plot within an hour, providing a safe working platform for the follow on trades to get on site as quickly as possible.

Why choose Nuspan? Nuspan Services

Nuspan has been designed to have many benefits over traditional ground floor construction methods.

Compatible with traditional and MMC superstructures and substructures

Compatible with traditional and MMC superstructures and substructures

Compatible and proven with traditional MMC superstructures as well as modern methods of construction such...
Thermal Performance

Thermal Performance

We pride ourselves on our excellent thermal performance, which not only provides energy savings for...
Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable

Sustainability is extremely important to us and we understand that it is for you too,...

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Nuspan Insulated Precast Flooring - Masonry
Nuspan Insulated Precast Flooring - Timber Frame

    Masonry construction

    In standard applications our pre-cast concrete floor unit Is laid with 100mm bearing on to the substructure below. As the floor unit Is pre-cast not pre-stressed there is no need for a full screed to coursing, just a levelling compound between 1st and second fix, taking the wet trade off the critical construction path. Here, most of our clients then achieve further savings taking out DPM, perimeter strip and screed as well as removing the shuttering/coursing layer of brick over traditional systems.

    Timber Frame construction

    Timber frame applications work similar to that of masonry. The timber sole plate can be fixed directly to the top of the Nuspan unit offering excellent embedment for fixings.

    Nuspan Precast Concrete Units (IPCU)

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    • The combination of time and cost savings coupled with the clean operation and reduced labour and manual handling elements of the system have led to Nuspan being the flooring product of choice for First Wessex Homes on all future projects.

    • Nuspan were very helpful during design stage and managed the installation to a high standard. Upon completion we calculated we had saved two weeks on programme, circa 20% on our screeding package due to the omission of insulation from their order, and a ground floor slab finished to an impressive standard.

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