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Precast Non-Insulated slab render

Precast Non-Insulated Units

The NU 150 unit is non-insulated and is typically used in non heated areas such as garages and bin & bike stores. Here, cut outs for services can be accommodated in the floor and a 75mm structural screed is applied to the unit to accommodate point loadings.

Using this system for such applications alleviates issues with site hoarding as the units are loaded direct from the vehicle straight on the substructure. A typical single garage would be installed in fifteen minutes, freeing up labour and leaving a safe working platform for follow on trades. The NU 150 unit further provides a solid concrete fixing for sole plates and wind posts.

NU 150

NU 150

Nuspan’s NU 150 non-insulated unit is designed for garages and non-heated areas. A 75mm structural screed is required for use on garages to protect the unit against any possibility of...

Unit Depth 150mm
Self-weight 205kg/m²
Max Span
(under domestic loadings)

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