What is Nuspan?

What is Nuspan?

What we do?

We provide the highest quality, bespoke precast insulated flooring for the construction of suspended ground floors for new build residential properties and smaller-scale commercial buildings.

Constructed offsite and manufactured in purpose made steel casting moulds our product adheres to the most stringent ISO9001 quality standards. The composite unit comprises structural grade reinforced concrete bonded to high performance expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Working with Nuspan

Businesses choose to work with us because we offer value, expert technical knowledge and a superior customer service experience. Additionally, our innovative products provide unique solutions with significant time and cost saving benefits when it comes to value engineering.

The unit was developed to meet the next generation of building regulations and can achieve U-Values as low as 0.10 W/m2K. This allows the building designer greater flexibility when specifying other elements of the building in order to achieve the required Target Emissions Rating (TER) or to achieve highly energy efficient buildings.

Nuspan is the ideal solution for suspended ground floors in house building - particularly where customers are seeking a thermally efficient method of construction. At the same time, due to the offsite manufacturing process, Nuspan provides fast onsite installation time, usually completing a standard plot within an hour, providing a safe working platform for the follow on trades to get on site as quickly as possible.

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